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August update from NWS

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NWS continues to grow and expand

NWS enjoys seeing its market share continue to increase and invests in expanding its presence throughout the UK with more centres installing ADAS systems

As more fleet managers become aware that advanced camera technology (ADAS) is installed in their fleet of vehicles, means they have to recruit quality glass suppliers that have recalibration systems installed at their sites that will return a vehicle back to the road, after a windscreen replacement, with the cameras recalibrated. Confidence in NWS keeps growing from the UKs fleet customers due to outstanding service levels, reputation and commitment to provide the very best service in the UK.  Drivers using NWS for the glass replacements have confidence that vehicles have quality and timely service but are returned back to specification including the recalibration. This all means a fleet driver is less inconvenienced and their vehicle downtime kept to the absolute minimum.  Proven service delivery to exacting customer SLAs and Kpi’s with ongoing account management.

Andy Hodge - NWS Sales Director comments: NWS has a reputation of being a trusted and long term supply partner to fleets and we continue to evolve and improve our service solution to maintain our market leading position and by this we continue to attract more customers to NWS.

The benefits of using of using NWS are clear, full nationwide coverage from mobile units and fitting centres, 24 /7 operation, quality products with fully trained staff on competency based fitting techniques including on the latest vehicle technologies, continued investment integrating ADAS recalibration systems into the NWS Fitting Centre Network, ensures that NWS are fully prepared to deliver outstanding service to today’s modern vehicles nationwide.

For enquiries please contact 01509 410752 or e mail:  admin@natwin.co.uk