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March update from Zenith

Zenith launches Accelerate platform to improve service to drivers

Zenith, the UK’s leading independent leasing, fleet management and vehicle outsourcing business, has launched a new customer relationship management platform called Accelerate that promises to improve efficiency and support Zenith to better serve its customers and drivers.

Accelerate gives Zenith colleagues full visibility of inbound contact received from drivers on a customer-by-customer basis, providing the account management teams with the ability to share, track and progress customer queries across locations.

Dominic Moran Zenith’s corporate commercial director explains in more detail: “We initially started developing Accelerate to provide colleagues with a tool that enabled them to work more efficiently across our three locations when we integrated the Zenith and Leasedrive businesses.”

He continued: “Once we started developing the platform we saw how it could deliver much more for our business and our customers. We now have a system in place that gives our colleagues a central method through which all inbound work is visible, that provides real-time information on workload and customer service standards across the organisation, that gives us detailed information that we can use to improve efficiency and, because all previous interactions are recorded through the system, allows us to provide a more intuitive and personable service to our customers.”

Accelerate was introduced in 2015 and all three of Zenith’s service locations are now live on the platform. The majority of Zenith’s customer base is currently being managed through Accelerate and 63% of issues logged through the system so far have been resolved within 24 hours.

The launch of Accelerate comes during an exciting time for Zenith after it was recently announced that the company has rebranded from two brands, Zenith and Leasedrive to Zenith, updated its corporate identity and strengthened its leadership team with the appointment of a new chief commercial officer, Matthew Thompson.