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The Fleet News Fleet200 Strategy Network is a group of the most influential fleets operating in the UK.

Previously the Fleet200 Executive Club, the new network produces research on key fleet trends and holds events which bring together the UK’s most professional fleet decision-makers to debate the issues of importance to their businesses, share ideas on new initiatives and industry developments, and hear from outstanding, thought-provoking speakers.

Fleet200 Strategy Network 2022 meeting dates:

  • June 15th – at CCIA, Millbrook, Bedfordshire
  • September 13th – Sheffield, location TBC
  • November 29th – Cambridgeshire, location TBC

Join us: if you're a fleet decision maker interested in joining the Network and / or attending a meeting.

Membership is free.

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Matt Hammond

Roundtable conversations are most beneficial as it allows me to hear from and discuss with other fleet managers what they are doing in specific areas and see if their successes could be replicated my own fleet.

The opportunity to discuss policy with government and local policymakers would be very beneficial especially if we knew our experience and input was helping to shape future policy

Matt Hammond
M Group
Chris Connors

It’s a great networking opportunity and a chance to stay close to what is happening. Fleet in a lot of organisations is a lonely role.

You have responsibilities but not always support, so it’s a chance to hear from others who share your situation.

Chris Connors
Countryside Properties
Lee Jackson

It’s great to be part of a very knowledgeable and experienced group of fleet professionals and being able to talk more specifically about the challenges we face.

Also having presentations from associated bodies and case studies by our peers really helps to gain a better understanding of how best to manage our fleet.

I think an agenda item on future legislation or policy changes being proposed or made and a think tank session thereafter would be really beneficial for all fleet operators.

Lee Jackson
Marston Holdings