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2017 VW Golf

June / 2017 / Available now

Essential data
List price
List price: From £17,570
CO2 (g/km): From 35g/km (GTE)
Fuel type
Fuel type: Petrol/Diesel/Hybrid

The Volkswagen Golf is now in its seventh generation and is set to offer company car drivers and attractive and affordable package, with prices from £17,625.

A new petrol engine is likely to catch the attention of low-to medium mileage drivers. It's a 1.5-litre turbocharged motor, with cylinder deactivation technology which offers lower CO2 than the 1.4-litre engine it replaces.

The like-for-like replacement has 150PS, and similar CO2 emissions, but there will be a 130PS version with Bluemotion badging, and CO2 emissions of 104g/km, achieved through a hybrid-style extended coasting function.

There is also a new 1.6-litre 115PS diesel which is likely to be the most popular with emissions of 102g/km, along with a more powerful 2.0-litre 150PS diesel.

The GTE still offers the lowest emissions in the range at 35g/km but a high list price of £33,995 may put it out of reach for many fleet drivers.

June - 2017
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