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CO2 Emissions for Cars with Fleet News

Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions has been an important influence in choosing vehicles since it was linked to benefit-in-kind tax in 2002.

It helps drivers minimise their company car tax and with lower CO2 emissions meaning better fuel consumption it also helps fleets reduce fuel costs and also helps the environment.

Here at Fleet News we have a guide to car co2 emissions and a co2 emissions calculator to help businesses calculate their fleet CO2 emissions as well as a guide to eco driving, the latest CO2 emissions news and the latest car reviews of vehicles that have reduced co2 emissions.

With stricter legislation being introduced every year, CO2 emissions for cars and CO2 emission tax is fast becoming a deciding factor when fleet managers are looking to choose the right vehicles for their fleet. Have a look at the latest news and taxation rules to make sure you are up to date with CO2 emissions.

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