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Driven: Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0 JTDm TCT Veloce

Alfa Romeo
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Alfa Romeo Giulietta BIK list price
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Alfa Romeo Giulietta BIK Percent
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Alfa Romeo Giulietta MPG


For many years Alfa Romeo has built striking cars – among the best looking on the roads – but has failed at many other levels, whether dealer backup, reliability, fleet support or running costs.

But the latest generation of Alfas seem far more robust and, with a revamped dealer network, more focused fleet team and the adoption of the latest efficient engine technology, it is no longer a big risk to allow drivers to choose an Alfa Romeo.

Our reason for revisiting the Giulietta recently was the inclusion of a new automatic gearbox.
But this isn’t a conventional torque converter transmission, it’s a dual-clutch manual like Volkswagen’s acclaimed DSG.

Developed in-house by Fiat Powertrain, the six-speed gearbox allows lower CO2 emissions than with manual variants using the same engine, and seems capable of some kind of miracle as there is a very near parity between petrol and diesel CO2.

The 170bhp 2.0 JTDm diesel and the 170bhp 1.4T MultiAir are just 2g/km apart, the diesel at 119g/km and the petrol at 121g/km.

It means that with the 3% supplement on BIK tax for diesel putting the JTDm two tax bands higher, combined with the P11D price premium for the diesel, the petrol offers a cost advantage in terms of a driver’s tax liability and an employer’s National Insurance Contributions.

Although the diesel is projected to have lower fuel bills, a higher pump price closes the gap with petrol, while the heavier depreciation of the more expensive diesel version also makes the MultiAir the cheapest to run overall.

But these cars aren’t intended to fight each other, rather to lure drivers away from the upper mid-range Volks-wagen Golf and Audi A3.

It had been a year since I last tried a Giulietta and it’s easy to forget what a good car it is. It might not have the interior finish of an A3 or the all-round competence of a Golf, but it can’t be faulted for design flair and it certainly feels good to drive.

The six-speed TCT gearbox (Alfa says seven is not necessary for performance/emissions reasons for now, but it could produce a seven-speed version if necessary) provides rapid yet smooth changes, although the car’s DNA chassis/performance settings can give it more of a Jekyll and Hyde character.

The ‘dynamic’ D of the DNA is most responsive – and makes it feel more like an Alfa of old – but takes its toll on fuel consumption.

CO2 emissions
CO2 emissions are remarkably low given the Giulietta's 170bhp engine output and the addition of what is effectively and automatic gearbox. HIt has a clear advantage over equivalent power rivals.
Fuel costs
Official figures suggest the Giulietta is capable of more than 60mpg when not run hard, which is an excellent result. Use the DNA system in 'dynamic' mode however, and you'll feel the car come alive, and fuel economy plummet.
Residual values
Better than most in the sector because of the Giulietta's desirability, primarily driven by its looks, badge adn performance, but can't match the rock-solid performance of the Volkswagen Golf.
Running costs
It seems that any modern Alfa Romeo is now competitive on running costs - a clear break from 10 or so years ago when all that seemed to matter was performance and style.
Driver appeal
Probably the biggest factor in favour of any Alfa Romeo. The Giulietta looks great, and - when 'dynamic' mode is selected, at least - feels taut and responsive on the road.
FN Verdict
The Giulietta TCT shows Alfa Romeo offers competitive products both from a technology point of view as well as ensuring the numbers stack up against rivals. It isn't surprising that user choosers areonce again giving the brand attention. This time, it truly deserves it.
Top Speed
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Top Speed
VED band
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ved
Fuel Type
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Fuel Type
Residual Value
3 Year 60k : £8,000
4 Year 80k : £5,750
Running Cost (ppm)
3 Year 60k : 42.04
4 Year 80k : 38.97

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data correct at time of writing. The latest figures are available in the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and the company car tax calculator.

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