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MG TF 160 – 7,691 miles


Since taking over the keys of the Fleet News MG TF a couple of weeks ago, I have been wondering just how practical this beautiful car is for the company car driver. It's small, black and shiny and has storage space in the boot in which Jim, my Jack Russell, can only just sit upright.

One of my colleagues rather facetiously pointed out that I could get two bags of shopping in the back, so what was the problem? As I hate shopping, that is most certainly a point in its favour.

I have been driving the TF on a variety of roads, from recently-surfaced motorways to bumpy Fen tracks. It's great fun but a hard ride and I don't think I would relish notching up 18,000-plus miles a year on our mixed quality highways.

Driving at 40mph along a subsiding Fen road feels more like 60. Jeremy Bennett, who tested our MG back at the end of July, is very tall and discovered what the TF stood for – tight fit. At 5ft 4in I do not have that problem and my frame slots neatly behind the wheel to give a comfortable driving experience.

Snug seats, compact steering wheel and a gearbox that responds beautifully add to the pleasure. Acceleration from 50mph to 70mph is superb, but I have found out what this car doesn't like and that is other traffic – it's like trying to restrain a young colt. But, given an open, even-surfaced road then it's a joy.

My colleague also remarked that the suspension was over-soft. As I was jolting my way towards Fleet Towers this morning I wondered if we were talking about the same car. Maybe he never travelled to my neck of the woods.

Back to driver profile the ideal person for this car would have to be not too tall, nor too heavy and with access to another vehicle if they had friends, family or colleagues who wished to travel with them.

The ideal driver would do most of his or her driving on good motorways or A-roads and they won't need to carry loads of baggage. This car is not for the travelling sales executive and his samples. Final comment from my 14-year-old stepdaughter: 'It's really good fun, but I think I'd rather have a Lexus.' An aspiring captain of industry perhaps? Jane Ward

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