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Our fleet: Peugeot 2008 1.6 Allure BlueHDI 120 car review - January 2016

Peugeot 2008


Our 2008 heads back to Peugeot with a tinge of sadness. Throughout the 5,000 miles I’ve been running this compact crossover, it’s proved to be a comfortable and practical companion.

The magic head-lining was a talking point for passengers, especially those in the back. The thin, long strips of LED-illuminated loveliness are cleverly positioned so that as a driver they don’t distract you – in fact you barely notice them, and often forget they are installed until you carry people in the rear seats. The only concern was that the strips felt a little exposed – laser cut into the head-lining, there’s little protection and you could easily see how a stacked box or an exploratory child’s finger could cause the edges to get a little tatty over time.

Back at eye level, the next niggle was the position and shape of the fuel gauge. It may look nice, angled around the edge of the instrument dial, but it proved quite difficult to judge how much fuel was left – the fuel level markers play an optical illusion on your eyes (see below).

Just a few miles away from home and a filling station I planned to visit, the fuel light illuminated. The 2008 didn’t appear to give you much grace when the light illuminates, with ‘miles remaining’ zeroing out on the trip computer. The central screen also reminds you the ‘fuel level is too low’ every five minutes.

The other niggle was with the parcel shelf in the boot. Very handily, it has two different fold points, to allow easy access to the tall storage area. But it lacks supports to open and close with the tailgate, so if you don’t remember to fold it back down, it flaps in your rear view mirror.

But, as the only problems of note, it definitely feels like Peugeot has got it right with the 2008 – an accomplished car with great fit and finish, comfort, and good looks.

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data correct at time of writing. The latest figures are available in the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and the company car tax calculator.

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