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Fleet News features and insight dates in 2019

Issue date Themes Fleet News features Commercial Fleet features
24 Jan   Fleet software Earned recognition
21 Feb   Driver training Smart tachographs
7 Mar Smart transport and urban policies Fleet Industry Forum  
28 Mar   Awards issue Telematics and cameras
25 Mar   Rental Mental well-being
30 May   CCIA preview, Fleet Industry Forum & telematics CV Show review
27 June   Supplier solutions Running a temperature controlled fleet
25 Jul   Fleet funding and cash allowances Protecting vulnerable road users: Driver traning and vehicle development
29 Aug   Grey fleet - compliance and cost management Electric, CNG or diesel?
12 Sept Eco fleet Fleet Industry Forum  
26 Sept   Fleet Live preview Remarketing
24 Oct   Tyres Conversions and racking
14 Nov Fleet and safety Fleet Industry Forum  
28 Nov   Managing drivers: Communication, performance, engagement and well-being Uptime management and awards winners
12 Dec   Reader Recommended 2020  


Fleet News and Commercial Fleet features and insight dates 2020

Issue Fleet News themes Fleet News features Commercial Fleet features
January   Fleet management software  
February     Funding - flexible rental
March   Driver training Solving the driver shortage challenge
March Fleet News Awards Rental Tyres - return of the retread
April   Funding In-cab cameras
May   Driver risk management CV Show review
June   Telematics/dashcams Routing and scheduling systems
July Fleet200 Ride/car-sharing Efficient and effective repair and maintenance management
August   Fleet News Innovate (commercial) Remarketing
September EV special   Electric vehicles
September   Fleet and Mobility Live preview  
October Safety Tyres Commercial Fleet Awards / racking
November FN50   Safety
November   Managing drivers Conversion / converter options
December   Reader Recommended (commercial)  

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