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Driver Training Features - Page 4

  • Ensuring that your fleet drive to the best of their abilities can be sometimes viewed as ambitious.

  • Fleet driver training can be expensive to implement across a fleet, developing drivers and educating them can not only increase their awareness but can reduce accidents, improve fuel efficiency and lower costs.

  • High, medium and low-risk drivers have different training needs

  • The requirements for all fleets are essentially similar, regardless of fleet size or business sector, in the UK, the legal minimum requirement is for the driver of a vehicle to hold a full and valid driving licence for that vehicle category.

  • Fleet management training might require investment on the part of your company, but experts suggest a trained professional could cut the cost of running vehicles by 15 per cent.

  • Find out more about the benefits of this safe and fuel efficient driving programme from the Department of Transport.

  • Getting drivers to check their vehicle, especially when it may be shared with other employees, is good practice and ensures the fleet manager is aware of any issues as and when they arise.