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Fleet Manager

  • Job added:   27 July 2018
  • Location :   Leconfield, E Riding of Yorkshire
  • Job Type :   Contract
  • Reference :   208327822
  • Company :   CV-Library
Fleet Manager



General Description of Job:

The purpose of this role is to build and improve the fleet management capability of an existing operation. The role holder is to design, implement and embed fleet management processes and procedures. The output is to provide the on-site team with a sustained ability to maintain set target levels of vehicle availability that enables the service to provide fixed quantities of vehicles matching the customers demand plan. This role should implement standard, repeatable practices that ensure vehicles in the fleet are being maintained in line with their maintenance schedules so the service has sufficient quantities of each vehicle variant available to be used to meet their demand plan.

A key output is introducing standardised best practice fleet management processes that already exist in other fleet availability services and introducing them to Leconfield, aligning practices across the business. Outputs will include introducing and embedding best practice use of existing systems that support fleet management, this includes the MODs Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions (JAMES) system, Qlickview and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Baan.

Main Tasks:

What the post holder has Responsibility for:


Delivery of site specific communications

To ensure people under their control are following all HSE procedures

To build working relationships between the Leconfield team and wider vehicle availability teams to allow better sharing of best practice, problem solving and to build lasting networks between personnel in similar fleet services

To train on-site staff on new processes, procedures and systems enabling them to become competent in managing their fleet unaided


Introducing the increased use of IT systems, data and Management Information to raise the fleet management capability on site

Introducing increased use of visual management techniques

Introducing standardised processes

Introducing new reports using Qlickview

Ensuring work areas remain safety compliant

Ensuring staff have and comply with PPE requirements


To create, implement and embed processes and procedures the on-site team will follow in future to sustain vehicle availability

To learn processes and procedures in use on other similar fleet management services (TUF, ARMCEN, FEPS) and introduce these to Leconfield bringing wider business standardisation

To develop in partnership with other fleet management services new improved ways of pulling and presenting information to assist fleet management - Introduction of Qlickview to display information from various data sources in a meaningful way that the on-site team can easily use to manage their fleet and make decisions on

To introduce methods of visual management that assist in decision making and highlights the relevant management information

To introduce measures of effectiveness and teach/train the on-site team what data they need to be monitoring and how often to effectively manage their fleet

To introduce improvements to the routine maintenance planning and tasking processes that will increase the level of available fully fit vehicles the service can pull from to meet demand profile, reducing the percentage of vehicles being required back-to-back in the demand schedule

To introduce improvements to the priority decisions for returning vehicles that require repairs before they can be used again in order to best utilise workshop capacity to best meet the demand schedule

To introduce rigorous regular fleet planning processes that allow the team to match the latest release of customer demand for the forthcoming period in line with planned vehicle availability. This process should highlight customer demands that will be difficult to achieve due a potential lack of available vehicles due to either planned maintenance / anticipated unplanned repair volumes and will assist in re-prioritising the workshops activity to increase availability to reduce the risk of not being able to meet a demand

To introduce processes that allows the on-site team to view and monitor the condition and history of each vehicle easily. To train the team on what information to look for, how often and how best to present requests to have identified poor vehicles swapped out of the fleet

To build good working relationships with the local customer in the aim of improving the visibility of demand further into the future allowing more robust planning

To improve the commercial awareness within the team building their confidence of customer dependencies to help drive customer behaviours and priorities that will provide a smoother running service for supplier and customer

The post holder has Accountability for:

Introducing processes, procedures, tools and behaviours to increase the fleet management capability on site

Ensuring staff are trained, competent and have the tools required to deliver and manage their own fleet management capability within 6 months

Introducing and embedding standardisation of fleet management practices in line with wider business

Increasing levels of vehicle availability through introduction of fleet management practices

Ensuring H&S standards are followed including use of PPE, safe working areas, near miss and accident reporting and adherence to risk assessments

Ensuring company processes are adhered to

The post holder has delegated Authority for;

Authority to order tooling, uniforms and PPE for team in line with delegated authority limits

Authority to request internal or external training via Learning & Development and/or Technical Training Departments

Authority to raise FM requests

Authority to request ad-hoc purchases in line with delegated authority levels

Authority to submit Ovation Nominations

Authority to stop work/production where activity is deemed unsafe

The post holder will be measured by indicators including:

Increase in fleet availability

Decrease in percentage of vehicles required back-to-back to meet customer demand

Audits measuring process adherence

Decrease in overtime and build-up of TOIL as a result of better fleet management

Improvements in local customer satisfaction feedback of service

Increased measures, controls and reporting of customer dependencies not being provided in line with contractual arrangements

Technical Experience and Qualifications Essential & Desirable:

Educated to Level 2 in National Qualification Framework (NQF) as a minimum (Intermediate apprenticeship, Level 2 NVQ, GCSE - Grade A* - C, O Level A - C, CSE Grade1) or equivalent workplace experience

Competent PC user (MS Office, MS Outlook, SharePoint, ERP system)

Experience of delivering fleet management and managing fleet availability for a vehicle fleet of at least 300 vehicles

Experience of using the MODs Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions (JAMES) system to manage the maintenance and repairs of MOD vehicles

Skills Profile/ Other Requirements:

Ability to manage people, individuals and teams

Ability to multi-task

Ability to challenge and have awkward conversations

Ability to make rational decisions based on information available

Behavioural Requirements:

Demonstrates alignment with the client’s guiding principles

Promotes and advocates the Behaviours and Expectations' for managing safety

Promotes and advocates Respect principles

Promotes and advocates security (physical and electronic) principles

Demonstrates buy-in to vision, mission and goals

Demonstrates ability to manage people fairly, with respect and as individuals

Demonstrates ability to motivate others

Demonstrates awareness of and ability to work collaboratively with Trade Unions

Training and Tools Requirements:

Picasso account Systems access - ERP System, Airsweb, AIMS, FM Works, RCA requests, Qlikview, Concur, Learning Management System (LMS)

Mobile phone


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