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Free sat-nav for fleets choosing Mazda6

Mazda is offering fleets free sat-nav (worth £700) on Mazda6 models for the rest of the year.

The offer applies across the entire Mazda6 range of saloon and Tourer models.

The navigation upgrade offer is available to all companies who contract hire their cars via leasing companies, irrespective of the size of their business or their company car fleet. It is also available to all small businesses via their local dealer.

Mazda head of fleet Steve Tomlinson said: "Satellite navigation is a ‘must have’ feature for many fleets and company car drivers and navigation-equipped models are already extremely popular across the Mazda range - the 2.2-litre 150hp Skyactiv-D saloon SE-L Nav is the biggest seller in fleet followed by the 2.2-litre 150hp Saloon Sport Nav model.

"The new campaign will accelerate orders for all-new Mazda6 Nav models and we are particularly keen for our dealers to engage with businesses in their local areas and promote the offer.

"We know from Mazda6 orders just how important satellite navigation is for company car drivers. The new offer will make all-new Mazda6 Nav models more accessible and make the car an even more compelling proposition to businesses that either outright purchase or contract hire their vehicles."

The TomTom satellite navigation system in the all-new Mazda6 gives European road network coverage and features include voice control; Live Services (after an initial three months a subscription can be purchased from TomTom to extend these services) that provide accurate traffic information updates every two minutes and a route change alternative to avoid traffic jams; TomTom Places that provide information on the location of millions of businesses and other services including addresses and phone numbers; safety alerts warning of real time mobile speed camera locations and average speed checks; and point of interest navigation.

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  • Andrwe Norman - 16/08/2013 16:41

    Have a new Mazda 6 with Nav. The "Live Services" do not work correctly. See the Tom Tom forum for many issues and many angry people. Live Services drop out and the car cannot connect. Tom Tom blames hardware and Mazda replaces GPS units without permanent success. Well known issue with no resoltuon from Mazda or Tom Tom.

  • Mike Kilby - 16/08/2013 16:50

    "Live Services . . . . that provide accurate traffic information updates every two minutes and a route change alternative to avoid traffic jams". That statement is a joke, how can Mazda say this when they know it does not work on all vehicles. Mazda should not be using this feature as a sales technique. I took delivery of a new Mazda 6 Sport Nav in April this year paying extra for the Nav version and Live Services have worked for only 3 to 4 weeks maximum. Mazda do not know what's wrong or how to fix and have offered me nothing in recompense. Whether offered free or not, it's certainly not worth £700, maybe that's why they are offering it free!

  • Alex - 16/08/2013 16:55

    There is a huge problem with the "live" services on the Mazda TomTom NB1 unit. The Mazda forums as well as the TomTom forums are inundated with posts. My unit has been replaced several times and at present I have unit number 4 and have not had Live since 26th June. I have had e-mails from TomTom telling me this is not their problem as the software is OK and I have forwared to Mazda. I have e-mailed Mazda twice in the last two weeks as well as completing a piece on their "contact us" portal on their web-site. They haven't even had the courtesy to even reply to me. Considering the car cost over £27k I find this unacceptable and ingnorant to the extreme. Mazda are not updating their consumers, and as things stand may be better off if avoided.

  • Minorie - 16/08/2013 16:56

    Please see Tom Tom forums here for unhappy New Mazda 6 and CX-5 owners with "Live Services": http://discussions.tomtom.com/t5/Built-in-car-navigation/Mazda-CX-5-build-in-NB-1-Tomtom-navigation-system-3G-module-not/td-p/485048 http://discussions.tomtom.com/t5/Built-in-car-navigation/Mazda-Navigation-System-NB1-App-v10-816-released/td-p/382212/page/2

  • xtrailman - 16/08/2013 19:27

    Don't buy a Mazda if you use Nav, you will regret it. The same unit is used in my CX-5 its only three weeks old and the "live" services have failed. TomTom cannot help and have refereed to the dealer, I know from being on the Mazda forum that this failure is very common, and after two years with this issue new cars are still being affected. Avoid if you rely on Nav.

  • Colpart - 16/08/2013 19:29

    Not just Live services that doesn't work, my Tom Tom has lost its bearings. The map keeps spinning looking for satellites, sometimes it has objects, roads etc on the wrong side of the route, it has re-booted itself, it often can't find where a place is and imagines islands etc.

  • Jon Slother - 16/08/2013 22:13

    Live services are failing every two minutes on the Mazda CX5 and both Mazda and Tom Tom seem unable to resolve the issue. Desperately needs sorting with a recall. Disgraceful that this is happening in 2013 on a new £30,000 car!

  • Bruce Cairns - 23/09/2013 17:20

    Free Sat Nav offers for this model are laughable. As per some other comments I have had no live services since purchasing a CX-5 over a month ago (it's the same TomTom NB1 unit). After a lengthy email exchange with TomTom customer services and following their reset instructions - which made the problem worse by rolling back software updates - they decided to blame the hardware and direct me to Mazda. Funnily enough it then randomly started working again at the weekend AFTER I had told them to cancel my pointless £55 Live Services subscription. Looking at TomTom's own user forum website it becomes clear this problem has been well documented for over a year now and yet Mazda and TomTom are still marketing this device with a straight face. Absolutely shameless. What do we have consumer protection legislation for again?

  • Mike_DaMan - 03/10/2013 13:53

    Same issue here with the Mazda 6... Use of TomTom Live Services cause a lockup and reset of the entire TomTom navigation SW. My dealer recommends to disable Live Services... Very handy, this is one of the main reasons I chose the Mazda... Even more ridiculous that this issue is >2 years old!! TomTom, do FIX!

  • Mark Smith - 26/06/2014 11:59

    Just reading the the article with Mazda offering free Satnav with live services. I have a new Mazda 6 Sport Tourer which I leased through Mazda and mine was not free. I also did not know it had Tom Tom's live service on it as I was told by the sale man and I don't think it has ever worked. I don't think this is the only issue though with Mazda's dreadful NB1 system, in fact I would go as far was to say it is the worst infotainment system I have ever encountered in a car in the price range. I have caused Mazda so many times and have now been told those who don't complain will not get a upgrade when it is released. That is if we ever get on as they have told me that the upgrade will be installed on new cars first and those who already have the unit can basicly continue to be furstrated by the this rubbish system. I will never have another Mazda again, worst customer service I have ever received.

  • Rob Jupp - 11/08/2014 13:52

    is this also available to retrofit on my newly received leased Mazda 6 SE-L

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