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Volvo updates emissions figures for all models with WLTP

Volvo S90 R Design

Volvo has homologated its entire model range under the new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

All Volvo petrol, diesel and hybrid models now comply with the more stringent Euro 6d-temp standard for tailpipe emissions.

From September 1 2018, only WLTP-homologated cars can be sold in Europe.

WLTP is a laboratory test, and replaces the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) that can trace its roots back to the 1980s. Both tests enable customers to make comparisons between different vehicles, but WLTP uses a driving cycle that is more reflective of on-road driving.

The aim of the new WLTP cycle is to ensure published fuel economy and emissions offer a more realistic reflection of real-world driving, helping customers to judge better the fuel and emission efficiency of their car.

The revised emissions figures result in an increase for average CO2 emissions across the Volvo range.

S90 D4 Momentum models now officially emit 123g/km of CO2, rising from 116g/km under NEDC.

Plug-in hybrid models are also effected. The XC60 T8 now emits 55g/km, jumping from 49g/km.

V40 D2 models, a popular fleet choice, now emit 122g/km – increasing from 94g/km.

Combined with price rises (£1,250 for S90 Momentum) company car drivers opting for the new models can expect an increase in Benefit-in-kind (BiK) tax.

All the updated figures are available in our fuel economy and emissions database, or compare the BiK increase with our company car tax calculator.

The WLTP test is backed up by the new Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test – an on-road test of up to 120 minutes, which evaluates a car under a variety of driving conditions and speeds. A car can only be sold once it passes both WLTP and RDE tests.

The figures Volvo publishes for its models are achieved through the WLTP cycle, then correlated back to an NEDC equivalent for comparison purposes.

“Volvo welcomed the new WLTP testing methods when they were first announced, as greater transparency in areas such as fuel consumption and emissions helps customers make better informed buying decisions,” explained Jon Wakefield, Volvo Car UK’s Managing Director.

“We are pleased that we are the first to sell a complete range of cars that meets the new testing standards,” he added.

Volvo will be at CCIA 2018 

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  • Nigel Boyle - 21/05/2018 12:37

    There are myths, lies, uncertainity but no truth. The Government has not issued a ruling, however what is clear is the EU says contumer tax will NOT increase, read this: http://wltpfacts.eu/wltp-how-much-car-tax/ As a fleet manager how can I supply one of these vehicles that shows an increased CO2 without a corresponding percentage reduction. If the Government wants us to use the increased CO2s before 2020 they MUST give us the updated percentage table or they will be in breach of the EU guidelines. How can they leave us in the dark in this sloppy way?

    • Iain - 01/06/2018 14:45

      The EU didn't say tax can't go up. That website is produced by a consortium of European car makers, and is little more than a wishlist.

  • The Engineer - 22/05/2018 07:47

    The fudged changes in the systems are a disaster! some vehicles 'calculated from WLTP' NEDC are 20% higher than a just a little while ago.. The Mercedes GLC has jumped 25%.. As a driver it was a car I was considering ordering but over the weekend its gone up 5% in BIK..same car as it was last week!! its now too expensive, sorry Mercedes you should have stuck to your original NEDC until the last minute. They have pulled a lot of vehicles off their website/configurator probably in panic as sales will plummet on the new figures, cars will disappear from choice lists (the GLC was sub 130g/km, its well over now). Worse - I have no idea if I pick and order a vehicle at one value, by the time it arrives in a few months the manufacturer won't meanwhile retest it and give it a new much higher figure I will be stuck with. Even a small model revision can trigger a retest. Why on earth can't the government just do both an NEDC and a WLTP tax table during transition? Of course they are milking in the extra cash from overnight higher NEDC's!

  • Simon Jones - 30/05/2018 11:35

    Its a shame that Volvo is not publishing these numbers on its website. It is also not being clear if these are Correlated NEDC or full WLTP. As far as I can guess, these are only Correlated NEDC

    • Matt de Prez - 31/05/2018 09:01

      You are correct, the figures are NEDC Correlated (as mentioned in the story). It appears the Volvo website is now up to date with the revised figured too.

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