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Edam Group

EDAM Group provides credit hire and post-accident services, helping fleet operators keep their drivers mobile following a non-fault accident. Delivering a seamless customer journey, EDAM Group’s market-leading service helps to reduce fleet downtime by providing same-day delivery of replacement vehicles (in un-roadworthy situations), and efficiently manages the repair process when requested.

The company runs a substantial, fully owned fleet that is constantly growing. It is regularly updated to closely represent the UK car parc, so vehicles can be provided on either a comparable or like-for-like basis depending on the requirements of your end users.  

Operating multiple depots to give nationwide coverage, EDAM Group can deliver replacement vehicles within hours of a claim being approved, providing exemplary customer service at every stage. The company’s levels of service are evidenced by its market-leading Net Promoter Score a universally recognised and widely adopted measure for assessing customer service excellence.

Company Background

The company was founded in 2001 by brothers Simon and Dan Bellamy with three staff and five vehicles. Exponential growth since has seen the company reach over 300 employees with 1,400+ vehicles.

List of available services

First Notification of Loss (FNOL): Our dedicated in-house team can offer guidance, advice and simplify the next steps the driver should take post-accident

Claims Handling: With industry leading claim to hire conversion ratios, we’ll work hard to seamlessly take your drivers through the claims process in order to provide a timely replacement vehicle in non-fault cases  

Vehicle Repair management: Dependant on your requirements, we can either fully manage the repair process or advise your drivers where they can have their vehicle repaired

Vehicle Delivery and Collection: Our informed, uniformed drivers carry out all vehicle movements, upholding your brand values at every stage

Total Loss: We work with you customers to ensure the best possible outcome, providing you with the information required to discuss replacement vehicles with the customer directly

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New Acre House, Shentonfield Road, Manchester, M22 4RW

0330 333 3344