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Case study from Jaama

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Decision-makers return to Key2 again and again

Leading software is expected to improve the usage of Anglian Water's fleet and deliver cost efficiencies

Implementation of Jaama’s industry leading fleet, driver, workshop and asset management software system is expected to be a game-changer for Anglian Water.

The Huntingdon-based company will use the multi-award-winning Key2 system to deliver significant administration efficiencies across the ‘cradle to grave’ management of its fleet of 1,800 light commercial vehicles, 700 company cars, 100 HGVs, 3,000 items of plant equipment and seven workshops.

Furthermore, Key2, once fully introduced by early spring 2018, is expected to aid improved utilisation of the Anglian Water fleet and enable more informed decisions thus delivering financial savings.

Additionally, and critically, introduction of Key2 will transform the efficiency of Anglian Water’s workshops from a paperbased operation to a sophisticated online business with significantly enhanced management of time and spend.

Stewart Lightbody, Anglian Water head  of fleet services, said: “Management of vehicles, plant and drivers has been spread across numerous applications, databases and spread sheets with no integration to allow a joined-up view.

“Key2 will allow all information and data to be accessible in one location, allowing the system to manage vehicles, plant, drivers and workshops and the relationship between them. It will enable vehicle and driver performance history to be managed and additional information, such as from telematics and fuel cards, to be used more effectively to deliver efficiencies.

“Key2 will become a central repository and a great source of information which is something the fleet team desperately needs. We are investing in the fleet team and the future of Anglian Water Fleet Services with the introduction of Key2.”

Lightbody now manages one of the top 70 fleets in the UK by size. He had experience of Key2 in a previous fleet decisionmaker role and said: “Key2 will be a game-changer for the fleet department and Anglian Water in the way we currently operate and the efficiencies leading ultimately to financial savings.

“Administratively Key2 will facilitate our fleet department resource to analyse data and enable us to understand what excellent fleet performance looks like and how we can make it even better.”

Key2 was selected, said Lightbody, “because of the functionality available and the Jaama team’s knowledge about the product”. He added: “Jaama’s presentation gave the fleet team enormous comfort that it was the right system for Anglian Water and that it was a company we could do business with. Relationships are very important and that is where Jaama added increased value.”

Lightbody said: “Key2 will define how the fleet team works in future. Such a sophisticated system is long overdue and, once implementation is complete, I want it to radically change the way we work and challenge the way the team thinks about fleet.

Having all information easily accessible is key and with everyone having access to live data it means current manual  processes will become history. The way the Anglian Water fleet is managed and the workshops are currently operated will be reinvented. Ultimately we will become paperless and that will be hugely powerful as we will be making decisions based on real-world and immediate data.”

Finally, Lightbody acknowledged the training and support from Jaama during the implementation phase and once Key2 is fully functioning.

He said: “The support available to the fleet team will be critical. Introduction of Key2 gives Anglian Water’s fleet team access to a whole new world and the relationships built with Jaama and the faith and trust in them will be vital.”

What fleets can expect when they choose Jaama as part of thier supply chain

Jaama, the UK’s leading fleet and asset management software company, strives to improve standards across the fleet industry and has a proven track record.

The company’s multi-award winning  Key2 software is in use by organisations to collectively manage drivers, workshops and more than 900,000 vehicles.

Businesses – end-user fleets, contract hire and leasing companies and daily rental companies – choose Key2 to enable their decision-makers to utilise cutting-edge software to
strategically manage vehicles and drivers, reducing operating costs and ensuring legislative compliance.

Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “We draw on our vast experience to offer fleet software and services that operators need. Our wide range of fleet software and services to the industry are specifically designed to stand out from the competition by delivering against our core values.”

These values are:

  • A partnership approach: Jaama strives to form long-term business partnerships with each customer by understanding their business and identifying areas that will benefit most from technological change. Its experienced team of analysts gains a clear understanding of client requirements, aims and objectives to ensure the installation of Key2 is set up to meet  their business demands.
  • Commitment: Jaama delivers outstanding products and services that stand out from others with each integrated component being designed to enhance the overall product. This demonstrates Jaama’s passion for the fleet software industry – saving time, reducing operating costs and helping to achieve best practice.
  • Innovation: Jaama is widely recognised as fleet’s leading software innovator. Applying its many years of experience and expertise enables the company to produce unique and innovative solutions that address fleet sector needs, thus supporting the pace of change across the industry. Jaama’s strategy is to innovate by bringing to market the latest industry standard technology in a flexible future-proofed product, encompassing:
  • Scalability: Key2 is completely scalable and can manage from a handful of vehicles/assets/users through to thousands of them. That means businesses only need buy software relevant to them today and don’t need to worry about outgrowing the software tomorrow.
  • Reliability: Key2 has been developed using class-leading industry standard components that deliver proven reliability.
  • Modern: Choosing Jaama, a Microsoft Gold Development Partner, fleet chiefs will introduce the sector’s most up-to-date IT system that has a continual programme of investment.
  • Security and integrity: Jaama has achieved ISO27001 accreditation for its information security management, giving assurance that controls are in place to manage sensitive data. What’s more, Jaama delivers:
  • Value: products and services provide customers with a measurable return on investment.
  • Quality: All of Jaama’s people are aligned to deliver the highest quality products and related services. This is underpinned by ISO9001 accreditation for its quality management systems.
  • Service: Success can only be achieved through total customer satisfaction, which, in turn, is only secured through people who passionately believe in excellence. Jaama invests in people and processes to deliver an outstanding service experience to customers.

The success of Jaama’s approach is demonstrated by business decisionmakers  choosing Key2 again when they move to another organisation such as Stewart Lightbody from Anglian Water (alongside).

For further information visti www.jaama.co.uk, email enquiries@jaama.co.uk; or call 0844 8484 333