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Auto Windscreens switches to VisionTrack telematics cameras 

Auto Windscreens is installing VisionTrack’s VT2000 telematics cameras in its technicians’ vans for better incident management and to minimise risks.

Russell Hall, Fleet Manager at the windscreen repair and replacement company, is already a big fan of using cameras, having seen a £50,000 annual reduction in insurance-associated costs last year alone, which he attributes largely to the introduction of similar technology back in 2012.

“It is difficult to put an exact cost-saving figure on the use of cameras,” said Russell. “We are certain, however, that they have played a huge role in reducing our fleet operating costs and our drivers have been involved in fewer incidents over the past two years, despite the number of vehicles we use increasing. The devices encourage our technicians to behave differently, mitigating risks, and where claims are made when incidents do take place, footage can speed up the claims process, limiting any third-party credit hire charges or similar costs.”  

The new VT2000 devices, which launched to market in January, will give Auto Windscreens improved access to high-quality 1080p HD footage and accurate impact force, speed and GPS data on VisionTrack’s cloud-based tracking platform.

In reference to the introduction of VT2000 cameras, Russell added: “We have been impressed by the quality of the camera footage, which is very clear, but ultimately it is the included integrated telematics that really appealed. We can track vehicles at any time and watch live video instantly. They will give us what we need to improve our overall incident management and support the training of drivers across our busy fleet.”