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Subaru Forester 2.0X AWP - 4,129 miles



I LIKE the Subaru Forester – in fact I like it a lot. It may not be the best looking car in the world, it isn't the most economical and it certainly won't gain you any street cred in the office car park.

But if you are looking for a car that is comfortable, practical and altogether thoroughly pleasant to drive, then you won't go far wrong with this vehicle. And don't forget, as with all Subarus, you get four-wheel drive thrown in for nowt.

I took over the wheel of this car from deputy editor Steve Moody. In his last report, he described the Forester as utilitarian and with a poor seating position. He even suggested that cheese and pickle sandwiches would be the ideal accompaniment, presumably insinuating that this car is likely to be driven by workaday types.

I'd have to disagree on the seating front.

We both stand at well over 6ft tall but I have found the driving position perfectly comfortable, even on a couple of long distance runs.

My colleague accepted that this car was fun to drive but he didn't mention that it also has a reasonable turn of speed for a 4x4. The Forester will hit 60mph from standstill in just over 10 seconds and will pull happily right up to 'lose your licence' land. For an on-the-road price of £18,245, I reckon the Forester is a cracking buy. Trevor Gelken

Company car tax bill 2003/04 (22% taxpayer): £79 per month

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