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Spotlight: Business Partner programme signals Suzuki's fleet intent

Suzuki's Graeme Jenkins

The following article was published in the September 24 issue of Fleet News. Read the full article.

Suzuki might seem a bit small fry in the grand scheme of things – its total market share was a modest 1.5% in 2019 – but it’s a car brand with strong intent, a passion for customer service and a dedication to its dealer network.

Fleet sales were not a priority for Suzuki until a few years ago when it recruited Graeme Jenkins, formerly of Maserati, to the role of head of fleet. Since, he has developed a new fleet strategy for the brand that aims to deliver growth while still being true to its core values.

And the strategy has paid off. In March, Suzuki was recognised at the Fleet News Awards, earning the trophy for Most Improved Fleet Manufacturer.