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  • Fleets have been venting their fury or singing suppliers’ praises as they review their best and worst recent experiences with manufacturers and leasing companies in the past month.

  • Proactive, flexible, knowledgeable, inquisitive, honest and adaptable: these are some of the key qualities fleets want to see from their leasing and fleet management companies.

  • Drivers are increasingly moving away from cash allowances and back into company cars, according to fleet operators.

  • Growing business confidence could lead to an increase in spending among fleets in the next six months, but many are looking to reduce the number of suppliers they use, an exclusive industry survey for Fleet Leasing has revealed.

  • A fleet drive to reduce CO2 emissions is creating opportunities for revenue growth among leasing companies.

  • Leasing companies and manufacturers have been generally talking up the fleet sector, suggesting that many companies have returned to traditional buying patterns and are replacing their ageing cars and vans.

  • Value of high quality, well-specced three and four-year-old company cars with less than 50,000 miles on the clock will continue to rise, according to auctioneer Andy Conde.

  • New car sales volumes are the ‘real elephant in the room’ in terms of predicting future residual values, according to Denis Keenan, managing director of automotive data provider KeeResources.

  • Britain’s car market has undergone a total uplift of baseline residual values in the wake of rocketing used car prices prompting possible concerns of buyer resistance.

  • Vehicle contract hire and leasing companies are enjoying a residual value windfall worth hundreds and perhaps thousands of pounds per vehicle as record used car prices makes a mockery of forecasts made in the depths of recession.