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Leasing analysis and insight Features - Page 6

  • Lease vehicles are likely to witness increasing mileage as fleet operators emerge from recession.

  • The leasing industry enjoying a residual value windfall worth hundreds and perhaps thousands of pounds per vehicle as record used car prices makes a mockery of forecasts made in the depths of recession.

  • Value of high quality, well-equipped three and four-year-old company cars with less than 50,000 miles on the clock will continue to rise, according to remarketing company Manheim.

  • Contract hire pricing. It’s not the sexiest of topics, is it? When compared with some other parts of the organisation, pricing tends to be positively tame.

  • One in four fleets is either currently changing their leasing provider or has switched in the past year, according to industry research.

  • Ford topped the fleet registrations table last year with 157,269 units, followed by Vauxhall (136,819) and Volkswagen (101,788) – the only three manufacturers to hit six figures.

  • Fleet finance and vehicle leasing have experienced some turbulent times. After the banking crisis of 2007/8, the market underwent some funding trauma as the number of available lenders shrunk dramatically and the cost of funding rose significantly.

  • Fleet managers have set out some of the key attributes they look for in a leasing company.

  • Triggers for reviewing funding suppliers tend to fall into two broad categories – immediate requirement and long term influence.

  • Business analysts often warn that a company which stands still is effectively going backwards, so even in the harshest economic conditions, growth must be a key priority.