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Fleet200: One-in-four fleets takes blended approach to car funding

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The following article was published in the September 24 issue of Fleet News. Read the full article.

The flexibility offered from a finance lease option could prove attractive to fleet operators looking to manage cashflow post-Covid. But, while the popularity of leasing has increased for the Fleet200, with almost eight-out-of-10 company cars (78%) now funded this way, just one-in-seven (14.5%) is funded via a finance lease. 

However, that’s still a year-on-year increase in cars funded by finance lease of 3.5 percentage points, with operating leases remaining static on 2019 at around 63% of all cars. 

Analysis of this year’s Fleet200 data also shows one-in-six cars (16.7%) is owned outright by the end-user fleet – down almost two percentage points on 2019’s Fleet200 figure of 19% – while 4.8% of cars are funded via employee car ownership schemes, down slightly on last year’s 6%.