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SEAT Toledo 1.9Tdi - 10,683 miles



AS the Toledo returns to its maker, the lasting impression of the car is one of a solid all-rounder.

It combined excellent build quality, a responsive engine and smooth ride, all under-pinned by the reassuring feeling of a brand being ably managed by one of the most trusted names in the industry. Volkswagen has successfully striven to maintain SEAT's strengths as a company offering cars with affordable sparkle. In the five months the car has been with Fleet News, the Toledo's 1.9TDi engine has been impressive, particularly compared with the range's petrol equivalent, the 2.3-litre V5, which preceded the diesel on our long-term test fleet.

While the V5 beats the diesel in the 0-62mph dash by 2.6 seconds, with a maximum speed 20mph greater, it is the diesel that will impress both the driver and the fleet manager in the long run.

This is thanks to its combined economy rate of 54.3mpg, compared to the V5's 32.1mpg and the pulling power from a maximum torque figure of 173lb-ft at just 1,900rpm, compared to 166lb-ft at 3,500rpm.

The V5 emits 211g/km of carbon dioxide, leaving the driver with a tax charge over three years of £2,616, compared to the diesel driver with £1,706. And then there's the £45 saving in annual road tax for the diesel (£110 compared to £155).

The comfort and specification of the Toledo has also won praise, particularly over a 500-mile round trip from Peterborough to Dorset that I made back in December. The case for the TDI just keeps getting stronger.

In the 4,000 miles since the last review of the car, my opinion has not changed at all – the car continues to impress in nearly every respect. However, there was one complaint. I know saloon cars don't have rear windscreen wipers, but on cold mornings the rear screen of the Toledo was particularly slow to clear. Come on SEAT, when so much emphasis is placed on car safety, a couple more nuts and bolts and a windscreen wiper would sort this out.

Company car tax bill (22% taxpayer) £47.39 per month

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data correct at time of writing. The latest figures are available in the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and the company car tax calculator.

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