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The car running costs database allows you to search for benchmark pence per mile (ppm) costs and other important factors such as carbon dioxide emissions and insurance groups across more than 4,000 popular fleet cars.

A host of data on electric cars and vans on the market - or coming soon - makes this one of the most comprehensive tools in existence. Critically there is in-depth information about battery capacity and charging times. 

Work out fuel costs for each of your vehicles using your actual MPG or the manufacturer combined figure, add all your fleet models for a combined fuel cost total.

Choose your body type or go straight to make, then filter by payload, load width, load length, tow weight and price bands.

If you have private use of a company van for more than driving to and from work you may be taxed on this benefit. Find out how much here.

With the Fleet News car tax calculator you can calculate your tax quickly and easily the company car tax calculator will provide you with a breakdown of the employees and the employers costs.

Compare fuel prices from across the UK and find the cheapest fuel prices around the UK.

Work out how much an electric vehicle, plug in hybrid or conventional car would cost to run, based on your actual journeys.

Find the latest CO2 figures for vehicles on the market today.

Add your fuel bills each period to see how much CO2 you have produced. 

The Electric Vehicle Charging Point map shows every power point open to EVs in the UK, detailing the networks they are part of, and any charges that are applicable.

Check if a vehicle is taxed or not, even after the abolition of the tax disc, with the vehicle tax status checker.

Here at the Fleet News tools section you can access up to date information and prices to help your company run effective and efficient fleets.

Car Tax Calculator

The Fleet News car tax calculator enables you to calculate your company car tax online quickly and easily and receive a breakdown of the employees and the employer’s costs.

Running Costs

Need to know how much a car will cost to run over its lifecycle? With the car running costs calculator and van running cost calculator you can compare models and manufacturers and calculate your current fleets overall running costs.

Fuel Cost Calculator

The Fleet News fuel cost calculator is here to help you in cutting your fuel costs for your fleets. By using the car fuel cost calculator you can calculate how much you are spending on petrol or diesel for your fleets to show you the cost implications if you were to pay as little as 1 penny less per gallon.

Compare Fuel Prices

When paying fuel prices for your fleet cars, your business could make substantial savings by finding a cheaper forecourt to refuel your fleet cars or vans. Compare fuel prices in your area with Fleet News.

Electric Car and Van Data

Possibly the most comprehensive source of information of cars and vans either on the market or soon-to-be-launched, with a wealth of information on battery capacity and charging requirements.

CO2 Emissions Calculator

Here at Fleet News we have a guide to co2 emissions and a co2 emissions calculator to help businesses calculate their fleet CO2 emissions as well as a guide to eco driving.

Van Chooser Tool

Find the right van for the right job with the van chooser tool, here you can search by a whole range of criteria including transmission, payload, MPG and CO2 emissions to help find the right van suitable for your business.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

The simplest way to calculate tailpipe emissions of CO2 is to measure fuel consumption. Just add your fuel bills each period to see how much CO2 you have produced.

Van Tax Calculator

Use the drop down menus and find out the tax costs for all derivatives.