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How do I get buy-in to introduce telematics from drivers, unions and managers?


TomTom Business Solutions says: The company must establish what it would like to change, improve and take control of within their fleet operations.

A telematics company could work with the fleet manager to demonstrate how it would benefit.

For finance directors, compelling returns on investment can be demonstrated.

For operations managers, substantial efficiency gains, streamlined operational processes and reduced administrative burdens would be highlighted.

For unions and drivers, the business case would include everything from safer working conditions, less stress behind the wheel and less laborious paperwork to reduced tax liabilities, protection against false customer claims and a more equitable distribution of work.

ALD says: According to a survey by Digicore, 77% of companies that fitted telematics claimed they had reduced their costs; 64% saw an increase in productivity; 52% felt there had been an improvement in security; 51% said they had enhanced fleet and employee performance.

The statistics supporting investment in telematics are substantial: ALD customers have reported reductions of 11-15% in business mileage expenses; one saved £350000 from the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Motrak says: The business case could include protecting senior management by making sure the company fulfils its duty of care.

Trackers also protect drivers from exploitation, and they ensure the company complys with the Working Time Directive and driving hours regulations – which will appeal to unions and managers.

Source: Fleet News

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