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I'm considering telematics, but I don't have the resource to analyse the data. Is it still worth considering?


Quartix says: Vehicle tracking systems do supply customers with a lot of data, but not only is this data shown in easy-to-read tables and graphs, it is also not essential to analyse it all to add value to your fleet.

"You might want to concentrate on reducing fuel costs one quarter, and therefore look at driving behaviour, or optimise itineraries another quarter by analysing route maps.

It is surely better to know if your drivers are using the road dangerously and to act upon that information rather than wait for a serious accident and then face the legal consequences.

TomTom Business Solutions says: The fleet manager’s trust of the company’s staff should be commended but the technology shouldn’t be viewed as a tool to spy on employees.

There are a host of reasons for telematics’ adoption from simply dispatching the most appropriate vehicle to jobs to winning and retaining business by proving adherence to service level agreements.

Ctrack says: It is possible to engage directly with a driver by using an in-vehicle device that alerts them to any infringements – such as speed violations, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and bumping, and excessive idling – when on the road to encourage improved behaviour and responsibility.

It is also possible to provide a log-in to their own web-based dashboard to create buy-in from drivers.

The fleet manager is then presented with league tables and KPI dashboards, which allow large numbers of data points to be understood and acted upon in a matter of minutes.

Source: Fleet News

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