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Service, efficiency and flexibility reap significant rewards for Aston Barclay in the remarketing sector.

Leading fleet and leasing companies require continual defleet, end-of-contract and remarketing solutions, each tailored to the needs of their business and its customers and that meet the modern day needs of fleets, both large and small.

Aston Barclay has spent 30 years developing a full suite of services to ensure it can provide an end-to-end remarketing service, including appraisal for damage costing and recharging, repair and refurbishment, document handling and subsequent disposal to physical or online trade buyers.

We have a proven track record of delivering leading results for top fleet and leasing providers. Our Leeds site was recently voted by LeasePlan UK as Auction Provider of the Year for 2015. It achieved a 100% score measured on timing, late notifications, admin, line-up and valeting.

Westbury was named Best Performing Auction Site in terms of value for Q4 2015.

Efficient and flexible

Our unique and flexible services have allowed us to grow to become one of the UK's top three auction and remarketing providers.

We are proud to invest the profits from this growth back into our facilities, infrastructure, IT systems, people and products.

We run four fleet sales a week across the group where our teams are tuned in to the needs of the modern day fleet vendor. A recent major investment in our transport fleet allows us to provide an efficient collection and delivery service which, combined with our new dynamic inspection system, accurately recored the condition of every fleet vehicle arriving on site.

Our new Inventory Management System (IMS) platform creates a truly transparent partnership with real-time information at a time and place to suit our clients. From quick snapshots on our performance, to in-depth reporting and analysis, it provides a wealth of data to both buyers and sellers. IMS is available via desktop and tablet.

The results

We have excellent relationships with UK buyers who will either visit an Aston Barclay site to buy vehicles in person or through the use of our latest LIVE technology, which offers those that can't attend a sale the ability to bid on vehicles in real time from their laptop, mobile phone or desktop.

LIVE has been heavily enchanced on the back of the launch of our new website. Thanks to updated servers buyers can continue to bid using the service at all times, even in unlikely event of disruption to IT systems.

Based on buyer feedback we have also completely redesigned the vehicle search facility with larger images that enable users to better inspect the vehicles through a myriad of parameters and vehicle keywords.

Industry-leading experience

Aston Barclay is headed by Glenn and David Scarborough, who have extensive knowledge of the fleet and remarketing sector, while remarketing director Martin Potter has exceptional experience and has been offering advice to fleet and leasing companies for more than 25 years.

Having industry leaders in situ at each of our centres ensures we can continue to provide fantastic results for a variety of fleet customers, including most of the FN50 top 10 for which we are an established, sucessful benchmarking provider.

Contact Martin Potter, remarketing director, 01245 4507000 or 07500 907792 or email: martin.potter@astonbarclay.net