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All-season tyres: A major consideration for UK fleets

Without compromising driver safety year-round tyres can prove more cost effective than making the switch from summer to winter treads

There are so many things to consider when managing a fleet, with numerous products to choose from and every decision should be made taking into account the duty of care for your drivers alongside smart business choices. Balancing the two can be tricky.

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of fleet management, being the only things between the vehicle and the road. Many considerations need to be taken into account which can affect your total cost of ownership.

Recently all-season tyres have started to rise on the agenda in the UK. Although tyre choice is free of regulation in the UK and for most, summer tyres are the norm, this doesn't always have benefit when we have bad weather such as heavy downpours, ice or snow.

These conditions may only exist for a few weeks a year but those are the times when fleets are down and money is lost.

Goodyear has been producing its All Season Tyres for more than 30 years and many fleets and motorists across Europe have benefited from the technology of them season after season. 

However, many people are not familiar with these tyres and their benefits. You may find that all all-season tyre can be a more cost effective fitment instead of making summer vs winter tyre switch.

What is an all-season tyre?

All-season tyres are often a pragmatic solution, as they combine functional benefits of both summer and winter tyres and can be driven year-round. For those who drive summer tyres all the time, all-season tyres provide extra safety in wet, cold, snowy and icy weather conditions.

Goodyear's latest offering, the Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

In 2016 Auto Express crown Goodyear's latest all-season tyre with their coveted product award, naming Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 as the best on the market following detailed tests.

The tyre provides excellent year-round performance with the use of Goodyear's weather reactive technology which helps the tyre adapt to seasonal changes.

The unique SmartTRED dersgin features specific tread zones that adjust to road conditions. Auto Express found the tyre to be particularly impressive in wet weather and the tyre won all the shallow water tests, which are the hazards drivers face most during the colder months.

One of the most important aspects for fleets is fuel economy. Auto Express voted the tyre number one in rolling resistance, meaning the tyre goes further on less fuel.

The Vector 4Seasons also offers more mileage, thanks to its all-weather compound and a flatter contour that spreads pressure evenly.

These are very important considerations when choosing tyres for your fleet, and this is certainly an area where fleet managers can be caught out.

Featuring high-density 3D waffle blades, the Vector 4Seasons also has excellent ice and snow traction. The tyre is certified with the snowflake symbol, which means it meets the official standards of dedicated winter tyres.

To find our more about fitting Goodyear's All Season Tyres onto your fleet please contact Goodyear's representative David Howe on 0121 306 6000.