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Company Introduction

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Outsourcing can be good for you

Fleet Operations has been at the forefront of bespoke fleet solutions for 15 years and is motivated by individual client needs.

Underpinned by record growth in 2015, Fleet Operations is now firmly established as the UK’s leading independent outsourced fleet services provider. For 15 years we have been at the forefront of fleet outsourcing best practice, providing bespoke solutions to a growing number of UK and  international businesses.               

How are we different?

■ We deliver cost and time efficiencies. We understand the entire fleet landscape – the market and how it works, the manufacturers, the leasing companies – and our expertise covers every fiscal, operational, health and safety, procurement and HR factor associated with the complexities of fleet management.

In addition:

■ We operate a transparent fee-based model, resulting in an unique solution that provides a guarantee of absolute integrity.

■ We have a considered and consultative approach to everything that we do, providing pragmatic, commercially balanced recommendations.

■ We’re a business that delivers on our promises. 

And as we represent our clients’ businesses, we operate in a manner that they would expect from their best people.

Why outsource?

Businesses outsource to Fleet Operations for a variety of reasons including:

■ Cost efficiency and simplicity

■ Improved service, expertise, focus & systems

■ Removal of non-core business area

■ Independence & transparency

■ Supply chain management

Organisations working with Fleet Operations achieve transformational cost, time and administration benefits, enabling them to focus on strategy and drive real change through their businesses.


Fleet policy management

At Fleet Operations we focus solely on the provision of fleet management and outsourcing services, allowing our team to ensure that you achieve 100% policy compliance. The company car is as important as ever in the battle to attract and retain high quality staff. Using benchmarking and supplier negotiation, we help our clients ensure that choice lists are both attractive and fit for purpose.

Appointing and managing suppliers

Outsourcing to Fleet Operations gives you the ability to select the best-fit suppliers covering every aspect of your corporate fleet requirement. In addition:

■ We manage a wide range of tender processes to secure the most attractive terms from the UK’s leading fleet suppliers.

■ We significantly reduce time and resource associated with appointing new suppliers.

■ Our extensive fleet management expertise protects clients from contractual pitfalls that often have negative impacts on the supplier/client relationship

Satisfying your clients

A replacement vehicle is OK in theory, but only if it allows your employee to carry out the full extent of their duties.

■ We understand the important and often vital role that fleet plays in delivering the product/services of our clients.

■ We impartially evaluate price versus operational efficiency and make recommendations that are solely in our clients’ best interests.

Cost efficiency and control

Consistency of lease costs is an issue for all businesses. Most fleet outsourcing contracts tend to be with a sole leasing company supplier whose ability to deliver consistently competitive rates has to be taken on trust.

■ Multi-bid leasing achieves a competitive price on every vehicle, every time, typically saving 4-10% over sole supply.

■ Why use sole supply, when you can choose from a panel of leading providers?


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