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A reliable video and tracking solution

VisionTrack’s latest in-vehicle camera technology can help to fight against fraudulent claims and improve driver behaviour

VisionTrack is a leading supplier of in-vehicle camera technology, offering fleets the most advanced, innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions on the market. Our technology helps protect drivers and businesses, while improving driving standards by transmitting vital, real-time event footage, along with a vehicle’s location and speed. This information gives fleet managers an insight into each employee’s driving style, allowing them to engage effectively with the driver and improve driving habits and behaviour.

With 180,000 reported casualties on the road in Great Britain from June 2014 to 2015 alone*, the need for a robust and scalable vehicle camera and tracking solution is clear. 3G cameras are not new, but because of the size of the video files, which can be as large as 12,000kB for a ten-second clip, transmitting and storing footage has up to now been cost prohibitive for mass deployment.

Our flagship VT2000 3G, full 1080p model is an industry leader, with a high-quality, super-wide angle lens that delivers real-time HD video before, during and after an incident. The camera uses both GPS and GLONASS for highly accurate positioning and has a built-in world-class 3G module for instant remote cloud upload. It easily streams footage using advanced technology that reduces the amount of data needed to send video, meaning a ten-second clip can be transferred in under 350kB.

Fleet managers therefore benefit from increased volumes of driving footage, not only aiding proactive driver monitoring and training programmes but also giving faster access to vital video and telemetry data in the event of an incident. Where an incident occurs, fleet managers receive first notification of loss (FNOL) through our camera with a ten-second clip at 350kB and we have seen the video become available on our platform in as little as five seconds.

Furthermore, the camera will stay live for five minutes, even with the ignition off, in order to protect against claims from ‘ghost passengers’.

If needed, this can be remotely streamed back to our platform. This enables quick access and helps protect against exaggerated and fraudulent claims.

Alongside its recording and transmission capabilities, the VT2000 platform generates reports on vehicle location, speed, impact force and driving style, allowing fleet managers to monitor drivers at all times.

Drivers can be additionally supported through real-time audible notifications, warning of speeding and erratic behaviours, allowing them to alter performance and encouraging safer driving.

At VisionTrack, we are constantly re-investing in research and development to provide a sustainable vehicle camera and tracking solution.

We truly are at the forefront of our industry and are in a strong position to meet this need, effectively combining both elements to provide invaluable insight into fleet operations and enable total visibility of activities and driving standards.


*Data source: Department for Transport’s road casualty report, released November 2015


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