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Fleet management software can help fleet operators manage their fleet more effectively.

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Fleet management often includes a whole range of functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, telematics, driver management, fuel management and health and safety.

In some companies the management of the fleet may even only be part of a person’s role, fleet management software can help make their job a little easier.

Improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation and staff costs whilst providing 100% compliance with government legislation are just some of the duties fleet operators need to manage.

Fleet management software varies between suppliers, some key benefits include;

  • Having all the data in one place and making it accessible across departments
  • Data associated with drivers using their own vehicles for business trips can be managed using fleet management software, helping companies to meet their duty-of-care obligations.
  • Alerts can be set up for licence renewals, such as when the photocard licence expires after 10 years.
  • All SMR data can be recorded using fleet management software.
  • Fleet management software can provide a risk management audit trail and accident management data which can be useful in negotiating a reduced insurance premium.
  • Management of vehicle specification and order tracking through to disposal.
  • Driver credentials can be examined using fleet management software.
  • Fleet operators can run a range of reports from straightforward fleet lists to pence per mile analysis.
  • Fleet management software allows fleet operators to manage and record vehicle allocations for annual P11D reporting.
  • Images and documents such as MOT certificates and photographs of accident damage can be stored on fleet management software reducing paperwork and improving organisation.

For more information on fleet management software and advice on fleet management, come to the fleet management section.

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